What is BARCamp Cambodia ?

BarCamp Cambodia 2017 is a series of Tech & Startup event happening 2 days in each city and provinces including Ratanakiri, Kampot, Siem Reap, Battambang, Kampong Cham and Phnom Penh. The event will bring and gathers together startup founders, mentors & trainers, tech professional, creative designers, video & photographers, educators and students in the cities in Cambodia for the open exchange of knowledge, skills, and experiences related to Tech, Biz Startup, Creative, Entrepreneurship and Career Development. Participants will learn more about business startups, business canvas model, pitching ideas, product and customer development, technology for their daily work, study and business, digital branding and marketing, creative video & photography and more.

Our Objectives:

  • Create a platform where professionals, investors, innovators, students, and tech industry experts can connect, learn,
    catch up with the state of the art of technology. All of them can use this opportunity to share ideas and create
    synergies that might lead to new services and socially innovative business models.
  • Showcase and share the experiences and social innovation success stories of Cambodian and foreign individuals, companies
    and organizations, learning from their experience.
  • Promote the use of advanced and innovative technologies to improve the results of Cambodian SMEs and the impact of civil
    society organizations.
  • Connect IT and media students and professionals with the country’s ICT industry, helping make the best possible matches
    between employers and employees.
  • Promote technology industry in Cambodia, especially technology tools that benefit the most to Cambodia SMEs and Civil
    Society Organizations.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Students and young startups will be able to understand of a new term, pitching, tech startup, young entrepreneur, and startup business and they will learn to start a business on their own or team by understanding of business canvas model, product and customer development and financial projection plan.
  • Students will be able to increase their preparation and will better understand the different careers in ICT, that they might choose and the companies for which they might decide to work in the future.
  • SMEs will find how to use technology to better market and distribute their products, learn how to be more efficient and create new online services, and decide which suppliers and products they might use to develop these services.
  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators will create synergies for new ideas and partnerships that might lead to socially advanced and profitable innovative products.
  • All participants will be able to network with experts in each field and start or join user groups and clubs that will help them improve their professional capacity, increasingly valuing a culture of sharing and participation that will allow them to grow better together with their peer.


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