Mr. Chy Sophat
Team Leader

Sophat was from Banteay Mean Chey province. He had involved with several youth activities also social acidity since 2006 during studied at High School & University. Currently, he is a leader of Open Event and Administrator at AnajakIT also Web Author at ( He used to worked as a librarian at Mean Chey University. He is one of the BarCamp Phnom Penh 2012organizer,and volunteer of BlogFest Asia 2012and Angkor Youth Camp 2012.

Mr. Chhaly Samsokrith
Volunteers Leader

Since 2008, Samsokrith enforces his involvement with Barcamp organizing team and through working with the volunteer team, he thrives to make a meaningful contribution. As a volunteer coordinator, it is his passion to nurture, cultivate and empower young prospects. His experience in this job is the core motivation he sought. Indeed, the job is always getting harder years by years. However, for him: “if the problem is hard, think harder”. This year, with 35-strong team of volunteers, he is more fascinated than ever. “Its not just the size of the team, but each and everyone of them are emitting a kind of aura which excites me, telling me that they’ve got hidden potentials” he said. He believes that by the main event, his team would be ready for the challenges.

Mr. Tep Sovichet
Content & Media
Sovichet is a fresh graduate of RUPP – Computer Science major. He is now an admin at Khmer Wikipedia and also is a blogger sovichetlife since 2010. He’s involved in IT since he was in high school and has done a few public project like: publishing free-usage Khmer unicode fonts, blogging about computer at He has attended BarCamp since 2010 and was a BarCamp PP 2013 volunteer. He likes self-study and volunteer work to get more experience with people in the society. In the future, he wants to be a programmer and do more projects for public benefits.

Bovy Chhunleng
Local Organizer

Chhunleng is a Local BarCamp Angkor 2013 organizer. He studying Bachelor Degree of Information Technology at Build Bright University. Currently, is an Administrator of Cambodia Android User Group(CAUG) in Siem Reap.

Touch Thyda
Local Organizer

Thyda was from Kampong Cham Province. She is a Local BarCamp Kampongcham 2013 organizer. Currently, She is an Assistant at Youth Council of Cambodia (YCC) in Kampong Cham province . She works with youth base on development and democracy. She used to attend Barcamp Angkor and
Blog fest Asia 2012.

Local Organizer Opportunity

The BarCamp now goes to some of Cambodia province & town, so the BarCamp Cambodia team is seeking to get local organizer to run the event under the support from BarCamp Cambodia team. BarCamp Cambodia welcome any folks to be local BarCamp organizer and make it happen in your own town. If you have passion to run this community event, please contact: or call at +855 (93) 316 781.